Walk With Me

"International" to me is a celebration of life and what the world is really about.


It's been quite a year and indeed, graduation from school seems like an even bigger deal than usual.  We don't have any relatives graduating right ...

Nature's Washing Machine

I encourage you to dig into your scrap bag and use up those funny little pieces to make interesting raindrops of various sizes and to use them to s...

Spring is Coming

It's really lovely here in Florida with temperatures in the 80s and cool nights invite us to sit around the fire in the evenings.  For those of you...

Lucky Charms

Such fun, silly stuff.  We need more of that.

Love is Complicated

This is a block I designed for Quilt Block Mania.  The topic is "romance" so of course hearts came to mind.  As with all of my designs in this seri...

What's So Funny?

There have been times in 2020 when it's been hard to fine anything to laugh about.  However, a telephone conversation with my friend, Seth Hackler,...

I Need A Crystal Ball

What are you doing that takes you into the future?

Those Manatees Again!

I highly encourage you to cut some grass, you can't do it wrong.

As Fall Approaches

what else is a ghost to do in a photo booth?


We love manatees here in Florida!

Here's California!

It's so hard to see those fires burning all over California right now.  We hope and pray for safety for everyone. Keep California on your heart an...