Unchosen Quilts

Just for the fun of it, I like to make an art quilt occasionally.  I can be creative, learn something new, and see what happens without the pressur...

And Then We Made A Mistake

Have you ever made a relatively minor mistake but made it even worse when you tried to fix it?  It just heaps on the frustration, doesn't it? We re...

New Starts

I'm not someone who makes New Year Resolutions but for both our online and traveling shop, the new year is a great time to roll out new products.  ...

You Really NEED to Stop at that Quilt Shop!

After successfully stopping and procuring at least a fat quarter, begin looking for other uses  fat quarters in the car

What's That In My Bathroom?

We spend over half of our time on the road but we don't just travel to quilt shows.  We love meeting people, doing volunteer work, and experiencing...

Here Comes The Judge!

"Quilts should lay flat".  Really?  Even when they are to cover lumpy people?

Should You Gift A Quilt?

I often say that the first rule of quilting should be, "Don't give quilts to people who don't like quilts."

Do You Want A Door With That Shower?

She nodded sympathetically and then asked, "Do you need a new room or just a shower?"

Shopping At Quilt Shows

Selling products at quilt shows is both incredibly fun and frustrating.  We manufacture many of our own products and order others from individuals ...


Every year my list of reasons to be thankful grows, but this has been an especially astonishing year!