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This month's Quilt Block Mania theme is "international".  I almost skipped this one because I just couldn't come up with an idea.  But after much thought, I realized that to me, "international" represents the many fascinating cultural differences we have here on earth.  Even though political borders change frequently, local customs and traditions remain mostly the same.

We've hosted 12 foreign exchange students over the years and have been blessed to have teens from Mexico, Guatemala, Hungary, China, Thailand, Serbia, and Indonesia.  They enriched our lives beyond measure. We've also had short term visitors from numerous other countries.

We've visited many other countries as well and our list of countries we'd like to visit is endless...we want to see and experience them all!

Our favorite times spent with our exchange students were usually sitting around the table after supper comparing customs.  As teens, our students were generally experiencing their first look at the world outside their homes and beyond their border or even continent.  They were open and able to look at likenesses and differences without needing to label them "good" or "bad".  This taught us to do the same and to learn to embrace "different" as interesting and educational.  It opened our eyes to our own culture and gave us a broader perspective on life and what we consider "normal".

Most of our travels outside of the USA have been on mission teams to assist in eyeglass and dental clinics.  We are used to getting elbow to elbow with local people, struggling with language, and eating new foods.  We can pack for 2 weeks in a carry-on suitcase.  But the best part of traveling with our passports, is experiencing how other people live and work.  We have been incredibly blessed to stay in the homes of families in many countries, to ride public transportation, to shop locally, to eat what is put in front of us and to communicate with our hands.Footprints on earth quilt block

"International" to me is a celebration of life and what the world is really about.

The different colors and textures in my block represent the beautiful color and textures of cultures worldwide.  The footprints remind me that we are all humans, we are all self-powered by beating hearts that yearn to be loved and accepted, and even in our differences we are all very much alike.

Click here for the pattern

Here is the link for the cute footprint templates for quilting or applique

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