I Need A Crystal Ball

Three years ago at this time I was in Hawaii enjoying a glorious vacation that took us 28 years to get to.  Two years ago I was on a Viking River Cruise in Europe that we spontaneously signed up for.  I can't even remember what I was doing a year ago.  So much has happened in the past twelve months and it's so unlike us to live in this unplanned state of being.  In some ways it's been good to learn to live without planning every moment, but not that many ways!  Two Australian Shepherd Puppies

Our business had continued to hang on by a thread and we look toward the future with concern and bewilderment.  I keep saying that I've never worked so hard and made so little progress and many of my friends agree that they, too, are experiencing this.  We absolutely know that we must change and adapt, but to what?  I need to look into that crystal ball.

Or more realistically, I need to believe that it will all work out.  For now, I will put up a Christmas tree, continue to work on my manatee quilt, and play with my puppies.

What are you doing that takes you into the future?