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Should You Gift A Quilt?

Should You Gift A Quilt?

I often say that the first rule of quilting should be, "Don't give quilts to people who don't like quilts."
Do You Want A Door With That Shower?

Do You Want A Door With That Shower?

She nodded sympathetically and then asked, "Do you need a new room or just a shower?"
Shopping At Quilt Shows

Shopping At Quilt Shows

Selling products at quilt shows is both incredibly fun and frustrating.  We manufacture many of our own products and order others from individuals ...

Free AnglePlay® Pattern: New Calypso

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Simple Bargello Pattern

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Quilting isn't Black & White

It's about finding your style. Your way. Your art.

Sometimes quilting takes you places you never imagined

Quilters are fearless, takng on stripes and prints and making them dance