Finding Time

As a full time quilt vendor, I find it ironic that one of the biggest challenges for me is finding the time to quilt.  I'm not even talking about my hobby of quilting, it's my business as well and I need to be spending a lot of time at it in order to publish new patterns and have new samples to hang. 

The first challenge of course, is the amount of time we spend on the road.  I struggle with motion sickness so doing anything other than listening to books and snoozing is out of the question.  We do often take a Featherweight sewing machine along and I try to piece quilts when I can.  However, the lighting is usually super bad in hotel rooms and the chairs very uncomfortable not to mention the desks are the wrong height for me. 

Recently, I was a little more organized and set off with a plan to cut at our AirBnB and sew during the show.  That was a very tentative plan due to the many unknowns like how busy the show would be and whether or not there would be a chair, a table AND an outlet at the rental house.  It all came together beautifully and I was able to both cut and sew at the house and stitch most of the blocks at the show, which was kind of a downer because it meant we weren't very busy.  But at least I used the time productively.  Here's a picture of the quilt in process on a 72" design wall we set up in the living room:

Arriving home for a rare 2 week stretch, I thought I'd have the quilt done in a matter of days, but like everyone else life gets busy with gardening, cooking, shopping, taxes, and laundry.  I now have all of the blocks sewn together and ready to attach to the center section.  I just need a couple of hours!

My goal is to have this quilt done by the end of April.  I'll keep you posted