And Then We Made A Mistake

Have you ever made a relatively minor mistake but made it even worse when you tried to fix it?  It just heaps on the frustration, doesn't it?

We recently placed an order for copies of several of my patterns from a printing company that we've been very pleased with in the past.  I ordered a couple of weeks before I actually needed the patterns so there was plenty of time to receive them and they came to us right on time.  When the box arrived, I was impressed that they could fit such a large order in one box but didn't think about it much.  The next day we sat down to fold and package the patterns and realized that they had sent us only the first page of each pattern.  Oops, that's a problem.  I sent off an email detailing the problem and explaining that we needed the order reprinted and sent to our next show that started in a few days.  I quickly received an apology and reassurance that the order would be sent to both our regular and the temporary address to make sure we got it.

The next day I got both shipping confirmations to each address and they even partially refunded what I had paid.  I was impressed.  I know mistakes happen but it's all about how they are handled.

The order reached us the day before the show opened and we eagerly sat down and opened the 2 boxes.  Oh no!  This time we had all of the pages but they were printed on only one side of the paper instead of two sided.  We tried to see if we could assemble them properly but they just didn't work right that way and some were so many pages we could hardly stuff them in the plastic sleeves.  Argh! 

But oddly, I started laughing and could hardly stop.  How could this happen?  Obviously it wasn't intentional but what else could happen? I sent another email and immediately received a phone call.  The poor woman was beside herself and I was almost overwhelmed with a severe case of giggles.  She very generously offered to add folding and bagging services to the order and promised she'd personally make it right. 

This kind of thing used to happen back when I managed tax preparation offices.  But it was terrible then, with people already stressed about taxes and us unintentionally making it worse.  This was patterns.  Just patterns.  Nothing scary or tragic.  Just patterns.

Today we received the order for the 3rd time.  We looked at the box with some trepidation and set it aside while we opened the rest of the mail. Then we took a deep breath and slit the tape.  We carefully slid the first package out and opened it and beautiful, complete, two sided, folded and bagged patterns appeared!  We started laughing again and opened up all of the pretty, perfect patterns. 

We are pleased.  We will order from that company again.  We are thankful that we have reasons to laugh and support other businesses that are trying just as hard as we are to do our best and make a living doing what we love.  And our recycle bin will be overflowing this week.