We're both very creative, artsy types, but she throws and I pick, she follows patterns and I find my own way.  I've watched my mother sew and create all of my life, but until now, we've never worked together on a hand made project.  A few years ago she gave me this cross stitched and beaded piece.  Beautifully done, it simply needed to be finished and I was eager to see what I could do with quilt blocks.  I placed it on my design wall, waiting for inspiration to strike.  Nothing came to me.  After months, or maybe even a year, I feared it would get dirty so I took it down and carefully stored it in tissue paper.  I brought it out a few more times but just didn't know what to do with it.

Last year we moved from Washington to Florida and the unfinished piece was carefully packed to travel.  It was again placed in my sewing studio where I could see it and hope for inspiration.  Finally, after another year passed, I was at a fabric store in Orlando and three fabrics from three different sections spoke to me.  They all have sparkly gold in them, matching the beautiful gold highlights in the thread. 

After piecing the border, I quilted it on flex foam, a thick, fairly stiff material, so that I would never have to iron it.  I chose to quilt it with a mono-poly (clear) thread so that I could sew right through the stitching.  This way the quilting gives it dimension without showing  The foam really holds it up and it finished up beautifully!

Mom and I need to get started on our next collaboration!

Here you can see how the sections "pop"

Here is some of the beading