EeziGrip - 6 1/2" x 24" Ruler

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Janice Spande
61/2 X 24 ruler

I enjoy using the 6 1/2 x24 ruler . It doesn’t slip at all when your cutting your fabric. I like my name on the ruler that way it doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s.

Julie Sumner
6.5” X 24” ruler

This ruler is very good for long cuts without slipping. However my suggestion would be to use black lines for measurements. I would also recommend solid lines for inch measurements and a dashed line for 1/2” measurements.
Thanks Julie!!

Already being done! We are making a rolling change to black printed lines and you may now request that your rulers have black lines. All will have black lines in the next 90 days.

Leslie B Mink
Keeps ruler in place

As a disabled person, there are some things I must have help to accomplish. One of those is cutting fabric for quilts and neckerchiefs for pets. No, I don’t sell anything, but give love away to those I could not bear to be without. I can only cut one fold of fabric at a time, and that’s not using my good arm, but my dominant arm. Keeping rulers and templates securely in place has been a huge problem. I’ve tried pattern weights, walking weight, place knives (like women did during WWII when there was a steel shortage, pressing hard with my stronger arm…and watching things slide…every method you can think of! None worked very well.
Eezigrip rulers stay in place. I still use pattern weights on wearing suspenders and a belt, but it’s much easier for me to cut or draw straight lines!
I’m always looking for something to make my life easier, as my needs do tend to slow me down, and have made me rethink doing anything with fabric. I do keep my scissors sharpened…I send them to the manufacturer once a year to be sharpened. I remember to change my needles so my sewing is nicer.
I use various items to help me around the house.
Sometimes what I find helps other friends and family who might have issues without the injuries.
Great idea!! Great product!!