Here Comes The Judge!

One of the topics I try to cover when I give a presentation has to do with the "Quilt Police".  It would seem that many quilters believe that there is a group of other quilters who are qualified to pass judgement on quilts.  I'm not talking about quilt show judges (now, that's another topic for sure!) but about friends, family members and even complete strangers who seem to feel that they can make biting comments about seams, color choices, and other details.

For sure, the Quilt Police are real, but I ask quilters to look inside themselves and make sure they aren't the chief of police!  Far too many of us are quick to point out our own mistakes and flaws.  If you have ever held up a quilt and said "I got it finished but there's a mistake right HERE" then you may well be your own worst critic.  Of course your quilts aren't perfect, but do they serve the purpose?

I used to think that quilts were strictly for keeping people warm so I was quite surprised and amused to get a comment back on a quilt that said, "Quilts should lay flat".  Really?  Even when they are to cover lumpy people?  Must quilts be "squared up" when babies are going to be rolling around on them? 

Take it easy on yourself.  If your quilt is finished, you score an A grade already.  Do you like it?  Bump it up to an A+.  If someone else passes judgement on your quilt and finds it lacking, you need to kindly ask that person to keep his/her opinion to him/herself.  You learned many lessons in the creation of your masterpiece and your next will be even more amazing.

If you are just having trouble with your eyes focusing on any imperfections, put the quilt away for a time and let it rest.  I recently pulled out a table runner I had pieced and quilted but never bound because in my mind it was just awful.  Looking at it now, I can't imagine why I thought that!  I'm even going to bind it someday...