Do You Want A Door With That Shower?

We pretty much lived in hotels last year.  We traveled nearly 60,000 miles altogether which meant over 200 nights away from home.  We stayed mostly in Best Westerns in the USA (you should see the clerks eyes when they see our points total when we check in!), but also at a few other hotels for various reasons. 

One, "other", hotel was in Lakeland, Florida because of price, I think.  I also thought it might be good to check out some other brands occasionally so we stayed at a "Sleep Inn" which sounded great to me, I like to sleep in!  Check-in was easy and we went up to our room and unpacked.  We noticed that the shower was dripping rather steadily but it couldn't be heard with the door shut and as it was rather late we decided to report it the next day.

When we returned to our room the 2nd day, we were please to note that the drip had been fixed.  We stuck our heads in the shower stall to check it out (yes, our lives are that dull some days) and that's when the trouble began.  As we slid the door back in place, it fell off the tracks and with a loud crash came to rest on the floor of the shower.  It did not break but the glass was clearly separated from the frame.  After our hearts stopped pounding I took some pictures and headed down to the front desk.

The young woman at the desk was very nice and listened carefully but did need to see the pictures to fully understand the problem.  She nodded sympathetically and then asked, "Do you need a new room or just a shower?"  I stared at her in confusion.  Did they have extra showers they could just pop into place?  Were they going to make the people across the hall share their shower?  I wasn't sure how to answer so I said, "We're here for work so it's really important that we have a shower."


She decided to abandon the front desk at that point and show me the only 2 rooms available, which just happened to be next to and across from the room with the broken shower door.  She unlocked the door and threw it open with a flourish and we both stared in awe at the two beds, one about 8 inches higher than the other.  We both burst out laughing at same time and she said she was sure the other room would be better.  We crossed the hall, opened the door and saw...the same thing!  I asked if perhaps the new decor included beds of different heights but she wasn't sure.  I quickly checked the shower in this room and was happy to find a curtain, instead of a glass door.  We moved our belongings and had an uneventful stay for the remainder of our time there.  We did wonder, though, later that night when we heard guests moving in to the room we had vacated, if the adventure would continue for someone else.