QST Templates

QST Templates

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Quarter square triangles (QST) are a snap to make with these templates.  Each set can be used alone or together they make the work a breeze.

In order to make QSTs, we start with a square 1 1/4 inches larger than the finished block.  The QST Squares set had all of the calculating done for you.  Just select the finished size you need and cut the squares.

The corner to corner cut of the squares can be a real challenge unless you are using our QST Cutting Template!  Just lay the template on the squares verifying that the slits are at the corners and make 2 cuts.

Finished blocks from 2-6 inches

QST Cutting Template is ONE template

QST Squares is 6 different sized templates

QST Set contains both the Cutting Template and the Squares

Buy each set separately or together and save.  Use the pull down menu next to the "Add To Cart" button to make your selection.