Featherweight Pictures

This is an extremely rare, 1933 Singer Featherweight with a red Chicago Century of Progress badge. 3,519th off the production line.  We replaced the crumbling belt in order to test the machine which ran beautifully with a new foot pedal.  We did not test the original foot pedal which looks to be in very good condition.

The gorgeous, first edition scroll face plate

The decals are mostly in great condition, with one exception, shown below.  The decal on the light is "high"

The decal going up next to the light switch

The split base

Bobbin case

The top of the machine has some marking from the hook in the top of the case.

The extremely rare badge has some dirt or rust on it, we did not attempt to remove it.

The school bell tension for the bobbin winder

Unnumbered tension dial & oval thread guide

Solid, unmarked bobbin winder wheel

Arm decal by motor.  No numbers under SIMANCO, USA.  Back of motor has some marring, as shown.

Serial Number

Damaged decal on back of machine, near motor

Case is missing handle and one brass connector.  Front latches work.

Hinges look okay

Corner of lining in case is peeling

All lining is present and may be able to repair

Hook in lid of case, indicating first run

Original case interior

Case with insert

Exterior of case as some fraying along edges

Original foot pedal

The cord for the foot pedal is very long and appears to be wrapped

End of cord

2 keys for the case

accessories included in original cardboard box

Original instruction book is in good condition but is missing the green cover

Page 7 of the book showing the original box

Original oil can, still full, priced 10 cents